Growing up with fun – About Action Air

At Action Air by swiftech, we strive to develop products that stimulate children’s physical, creative, social and emotional development without compromising on fun play! We allow children to develop social skills through playing together in a group. They learn by sharing,competing and role playing. Group play helps teach them to collaborate and coordinate through physical interaction. We provide high quality inflatable products at an affordable price. We want every family to be able enjoy these products and safely put their children in a Action Air product.

Our designers always consider children’s joy and also their safety in the design process.

In order to comply with international safety standards,we ensure that our products are safe and ergonomically correct.The designs aim to motivate children by inspiring their social play.Our products let your children’s creativity run wild,encouraging both their skill and independance.

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With our strong team of over 600 skilled workers and an efficient R&D department, and by operating an ISO 9001:2008 compliance. Quality Management System and ICTI code of business practices compliance system.

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Safety Standards

Swiftech’s safety certified heavy-duty inflatable bouncers comply with all inflatable safety standards including: EN71, RoHS, GS, CE, EMC, BS for the European countries

16CFR1500.3 / 16CFR1505, UL and ASTM for North America.